Animal Heist


The Game

Animal Heist is a fun, colourful, cartoon-y stealth game made by myself and 8 other students from Algonquin College as a year-long final project.
The game was shown off at the Level-Up showcase 2019 in Toronto.

Lead Animator

As lead Animator, I...

  • Created fun and believable animations for the game

  • Helped out the other animators by guiding them on proper techniques

  • Polished any animations that felt clunky or too stiff

Annotation 2019-03-22 202648.jpg

3D Artist

As a 3D Artist, I...

  • Modeled Props for use in the game

  • Textured models that needed texturing

Sound Designer

As Sound Designer, I...

  • Recorded audio bytes for the game

  • Cleaned audio files of background noises and distortions

  • Mixed down audio files into usable sound effects

Annotation 2019-03-23 131612_edited.jpg
Annotation 2019-03-23 131658.jpg

Other tasks

Other Tasks included...

  • Importing assets into the Unity Engine

  • Setting up animator controllers in Unity Engine

  • Coding animation related variables